Food is the source and the solution for many complaints.

They don’t just say you are what you eat. Everything you (consistently) put into your body has an effect on your system. If you put rubbish in it, you get complaints. We all know that. But do you also know that nutrition can help you to get better?

Many people continue to walk around unnecessarily long with complaints that cannot be remedied in regular health care. You are advised to relax, they say that it is in your head or that you just have to learn to live with it. But from intestinal complaints to eczema, from MS to Crohn’s, from PCOS to rheumatism and everything in between: there are countless complaints and health problems that can be improved or even solved with nutrition.

Do you (regularly) suffer from:

By bringing your body back into balance, your health will improve. And not only that: you also feel better about yourself and you can handle more when you take good care of yourself. This will make you a nicer person again! Do you want to optimize your health? I help you to become free of complaints or to stabilize your clinical picture. With an extensive blood test we map the balance of minerals and vitamins in your body, as well as intolerances and other disturbances. As a result, we know which buttons we can and must turn to bring your body back into a natural state of balance.

How does it work?

You can schedule a first consult via my website. If you have any questions in advance, you can always fill in the contact form.

The first step in the treatment plan is usually to do a blood, stool, or hair mineral test. I process the results into personal advice that suits your body and goals. We will discuss this advice in a subsequent appointment, so that you are clear about what to get started with. We also plan follow-up appointments immediately if necessary. These always depend on your situation and goals.

Your Health Challenge

Would you rather get started yourself? Then start with the “Your Health Challenge”. I made this with It is a 21-day challenge on Instagram in which you take a closer look at your nutrition, exercise, relaxation and general lifestyle in an accessible way. You get to work in small, daily assignments, making it a good fit for a busy life. No more excuse for not taking good care of yourself!

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