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With which complaints can I contact VMJB?

You can contact VMJB with a variety of health goals. I focus in particular on pregnancy processes, hormone balance, complaints originating from the intestines and overall health optimization. Not sure if I can help you? Send me a message via the contact form above.

How does it work?

We start with an intake of one hour in which we map out all your complaints and determine a goal. The costs for an intake are € 129.95. Follow-up appointments cost € 69.95 per half hour. The costs for an intake + EMB blood test (most popular) + personal advice are €299,-. Depending on what is needed, I do blood, intestinal, hair minerals, or other tests to see how your body is doing. You will receive the results of the test(s) as personal advice and we will discuss this in a physical or online follow-up appointment.

How long do I have to wait for the result of the blood test?

The results of the blood test will be in within two weeks. We make a new appointment to discuss the action plan. This appointment is included in the price of the intake. Follow-up appointments cost € 69.95 per half hour.

How many follow-up appointments do I have?

Usually a process of at least 3 appointments and a maximum of 6 appointments. Then these follow-up appointments cost € 69,95 per half hour.

What can I expect from the personal advice?

After the result of the test (s) you will receive personal advice from me. I give you advice on lifestyle, exercise, relaxation, supplements, and nutrition. Together we determine how many appointments are needed to achieve your health goal. Usually a process of at least 3 appointments and a maximum of 6 appointments. The intake is € 129.95. The follow-up appointments cost
€ 69.95 per half hour. The costs for an intake + EMB blood test (most popular) + personal advice are €299,- 

How do you get all your knowledge?

  • Health food advisor HBO
  • Medical & Psychosocial basic knowledge HBO
  • Orthomolecular therapist HBO
  • Thyroid therapist HBO
  • Intestinal therapist HBO
  • Hormone consultant HBO
  • KPNI therapist – Clinical Psychic Neurological Immunologist WO
  • Orthomolecular child therapist HBO

What are the costs?

  • Physical or online intake: € 129.95
  • Follow-up appointments: € 69.95
  • EMB Blood test: € 299,-
  • Gut microbiome test: € 250 – € 500,-
  • Hair mineral test: € 280,-
  • Saliva testing: € 290,-
  • Vaginal Microbiome Test: € 239,95
  • Other tests (TSH, T4, T3, PSA, homocysteine, D3 etc.): costs vary per test.

Will my consult be reimbursed?

Is your health insurer affiliated with the BATC professional organization and are you additionally insured (for alternative medicine)? Then you can submit my invoice to your health insurer. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the health insurance. Do you want an invoice to submit? Let me know at the intake and I will ensure that you receive an appropriate invoice.

What is an EMB blood test?

In an Energetic Morphological Blood Test (EMB), the submitted blood is examined with both regular and complementary glasses. You will be checked for a number of complementary values ​​and the test method provides insight into optimal values ​​in terms of vitamins and minerals and any absolute deficiencies.

Can I also do a blood test, without having any complaints?

You certainly can! You can take the blood test for prevention. It is always good to check your health status and how you can best adjust your body. By taking a preventive blood test you will gain insight into what your body needs.

Is the first consult online or physically at VMJB in Amsterdam?

You can choose to request an online consult or you prefer a consult with me in Amsterdam. That choice is yours.

Can I have my child tested for allergies and / or intolerances?

It’s possible. From babies from 3 months I can easily and painlessly draw blood (prick in thumb or big toe) for an extensive test! After the result of the test, we determine a plan of action.

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