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How does it work?

We start with an introductory appointment where we map out all your symptoms and complaints. I use this to draw up a treatment plan. Depending on what is needed, we will do blood, stool, hair mineral or other tests to find out what state your body is in. With the results of these tests we get to work: you will receive personal advice and together we will determine how many appointments are needed to reach your health goals.

What are the costs?

  • Physical or online intake: € 119.95
  • Follow-up appointments: € 59.95
  • EMB Blood test: € 169.95
  • Gut microbiome test: € 250
  • Hair mineral test: € 250
  • Other tests (TSH, T4, T3, PSA, homocysteine, D3 etc.): costs vary per test.

Can my consultation be reimbursed?

If you have additional insurance (for alternative healthcare) you can submit my invoice to your insurance company. The amount of reimbursement depends on your insurance, but I do have all the accreditation necessary to get reimbursed if you have the right insurance. Please let me know if you wish to submit my invoices, I will ensure that you get the appropriate invoices.

What kind of symptoms and illnesses can VMJB help me with?

I aim to help people with all kinds of health goals, but I specifically work with symptoms relating to intestinal issues and pregnancy (becoming pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy and becoming healthy parents to healthy babies). If you want to find out if I can help you, it’s best to send me a message.

Can I do a blood test if I don’t have any symptoms or illness?

Of course! You can do a preventive blood test. This tells you how your body is doing, where it needs some help and what you can do to get it in optimal shape.

I want to have my baby tested for allergies and intolerances. Is that possible?

Yes. I do painless, easy and extensive blood tests on babies that are 3 months or older.

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