Optimize your health and go back to the way your body naturally works. Bring balance back in your body and alleviate illness, symptoms and stress. Whatever health goal you may have: nutrition makes a difference.

Nutrition makes a difference

My name is Sharon Asscher. As a nutritionist, orthomolecular therapist, hormone consultant and microbiome therapist, I help people with various health goals to restore the balance in their body. Through extensive testing we find what causes the imbalance or symptoms. We then restore this with nutrition and, if needed, supplements. This will help your body go back to the way it wants to work, which gives you more energy and will have you feeling much better. 

This is me

My passion for nutrition started when I was 18 years old. Throughout my youth, I had lots of UTI’s and pyelonephritis. I was in constant pain because of these inflammations and took antibiotics for most of my youth, but nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that they discovered I had been born with an ill-functioning kidney. After it was removed, I started learning about health and nutrition. I wanted to have as much control as possible over my health, and do what I could to support my body in the best way. 

This search has led me to 3 bachelor’s degrees, 5 orthomolecular degrees and a degree as a hormone consultant. I am still eager to learn more, so I continue to develop my knowledge in my field. Now that I have control over my own health, I want to help other people achieve this as well. It really is my passion to guide people in making the most of their bodies and health. I believe that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the way to achieve this!

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Pregnancy Academy Voeding maakt je beter

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The Pregnancy Academy

The Pregnancy Academy van Voeding maakt je beter is live. Een uitgebreide zwangerschapscursus, waarbij we je in 8 verschillende modules uitleg geven over:

✔️ Alle do’s & dont’s tijdens je zwangerschap
✔️ Welke supplementen heb je tijdens én na de zwangerschap nodig?
✔️ Het belang van een gezonde darmflora
✔️ Hoe bouw je een maaltijd op?
✔️ Mentale & fysieke stress
✔️ Beweging & ontspanning
✔️ Herstel na de zwangerschap