Pregnancy & Motherhood

Becoming pregnant, having a pleasant pregnancy and enjoying the first moments with your baby is not as common as we think. There’s a lot more to it than simply stopping with birth control and bringing a child into the world. Especially in current times, where we take relatively poor care of ourselves, an unfulfilled desire to have children, a difficult pregnancy or challenging motherhood can cause a lot of extra stress – with all kinds of consequences.

Becoming pregnant

Whether you want to have children, have been trying for a while to get pregnant or even if you are currently in an IVF program: nutrition can help you prepare your body for pregnancy. When you book an appointment with me, I will measure your stress and blood values, paying extra attention to the balance of vitamins and minerals in your blood. With the result of these tests I will draft a nutrition plan (with added supplements if needed). This will help us bring your body back into balance, which in turn raises your chances of becoming pregnant.

Being pregnant

When you get pregnant, you may experience all kinds of symptoms. Morning sickness, UTI’s, high blood pressure, migraine – not everybody enjoys being pregnant. Being pregnant asks of you to let go of control, give in to nature and taking good care of yourself especially when you don’t feel so great. What do you need to make it through your pregnancy the best way possible and to prepare yourself for the biggest challenge: becoming a mother?

It’s also crucial to know what your baby needs to grow into a healthy little human. Every trimester requires different nutrients for both you and your baby. During the pregnancy I will help you stay as healthy as possible, so your baby can grow. I will also help you prepare for the real work: recovering from the pregnancy and birth.

Recovering after pregnancy

After pregnancy, the real challenge begins. Sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, pain or even postnatal depression can change the promised pink cloud into a dark black one. Instead of enjoying the first moments with your baby, you go into survival mode. We don’t want that!

During your third trimester, I will help you prepare for the time after giving birth. We’ll take a look at all the things you will need to quickly recover physically, including foods you can buy and prepare ahead of time. This will ensure that you can spend all your time and energy enjoying your new-born baby without losing sight of your own needs.

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