Courses & Webinars

It is my biggest passion to guide, coach and inspire people on their way to a healthy lifestyle. I love sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with you in an easily accessible way, so you can learn how to make the most of your health. 


I regularly organize courses and informational webinars about all kinds of subjects regarding health and pregnancy. I also write a lot about nutrition, both on this website and for others. You can book me as a keynote speaker for your business event or for a tailor made webinar. The focus in all these informational and inspirational endeavors is to promote a balanced body, with nutrition playing a large role. Are you curious to find out what I can do for you and/or your company? Send me a message!

Overview of new courses and webinars


By bringing your body back into balance, your health will improve. And not only that: you feel better about yourself, and you can handle more, when you take good care of yourself. This will make you a nicer person to hang out with! Do you want to optimize your health? This is the webinar for you.


There are many things you can do to support your body on the road to a healthy pregnancy. This webinar is ideal for people who want to get their bodies in the best state for becoming pregnant. You will learn what the impact is of diet, nutrition and supplements, as well as what you can change to best prepare your body for pregnancy. We also discuss why it might be taking longer for you to conceive and the nutritional changes you can make to change this. 


During your pregnancy there is so much GOOD to do with nutrition, it is not about just ‘healthy’ eating, it is about which food is best for your body and for the growth and development of your child.


Learn how to build up your baby’s first bites for lifelong health. Did you know that the first 1000 days – from conception to your baby’s third birthday – decide the health blueprint for the rest of your child’s life?


This webinar focuses on nutrition during and after pregnancy. What can you eat, which supplements do you need to optimally support both your baby’s growth and your own body? It’s a hands-on, practical webinar filled with tips and tricks that you can easily implement into your daily life. It’s a webinar via Zoom, so there is always time to ask your own questions as well! 

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