My name is Sharon Asscher - Looyen, nutritionist, orthomolecular therapist, hormone consultant and microbiome therapist.

Passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

My name is Sharon Asscher. My passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle started when I was 18, right after I had surgery to remove an ill-functioning kidney. Throughout my youth, I was in constant pain because of UTI’s and pyelonephritis. When the kidney was removed, I decided to take full responsibility for my own health. I wanted to do everything I could to support my body in recovering from the surgery and a lifetime of using antibiotics.

When you take better care of yourself, you become a nicer human being.

I started researching how I could optimally take care of myself, now having only one kidney. This determined my choice of studies: I am very eager to learn and have gotten many diplomas in my field over the last 20 years (these courses can be found in the FAQ). I continue to study in addition to running my practice because I want to keep developing myself.

It is truly my passion to teach people how they can be the best version of themselves through a healthy lifestyle. When your health is optimal, you have more energy and attention for the things that make you happy. I believe optimal health is also accessible for people with chronic illnesses and symptoms – if only you have the guts to look at what your body needs (and can handle). I believe it’s not the absence of illness that makes us healthy. Being healthy is a general feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. When we are all more comfortable, we will have a better world! When you take better care of yourself, you are more resilient, less fearful, and you have more time and energy to connect to other people. In short: when you take better care of yourself, you will become a nicer human being.

Awareness about daily choices in nutrition and behavior.

I combine my job with motherhood: I have two kids, Liv and Saul. My husband, kids and I live in Amsterdam, where I also have my practice. My passion for health continues in my free time: I listen to and read a lot about the latest development in my field. I also like working out, mostly active workouts like spinning, kick boxing and body pump. 

When I am old and wise I would like to look back on a life in which I have inspired and motivated as many people as possible to the best care of themselves. A healthier, better world starts with you and your awareness about daily choices in nutrition and behavior. I am honored to be a part of that!

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