Why an EMB test?

I think it is important to work evidence-based. When we start with an Energetic Morphological Blood Test (EMB), we have a starting point that we can work on to optimize your health. I can then work in a much more focused way and know exactly what we need to work on to make progress together. The blood test costs €169.95. With the intake interview + the personal advice in which we discuss the results of the test (€129.95), it costs a total of €299.-.

What is a EMB test?

In regular care, blood tests can be used to determine whether there are certain infections, autoimmune diseases, anemia, and thyroid abnormalities. However, much more information can be gleaned from a blood test. You can think of preclinical loads (before the disease becomes noticeable) and energetic loads. Do you experience certain complaints but you don’t know exactly where it comes from? For example, fatigue, not feeling well, or problems with your intestines? Then this blood test can be very useful.

What does energetic mean?

The whole universe is connected by vibrations or frequencies. This means that every substance, everybody, and all parts thereof have their own specific frequency or frequency range. If it is clear which component emits which frequency or frequency range, you can make this visible using various equipment.

What, among other things, is tested with the EMB?

  • Intestinal disturbance
  • Free radical load
  • Allergens
  • liver load
  • Bioabsorption problems (absorption of nutrients)
  • Chemical/Toxins load
  • Digestive problems
  • Mold load
  • Geopathic stress or radiation exposure (if humans can be sensitive to influences and vibrations from our environment, which negatively affect our health.)
  • Mental or emotional stress
  • Oxidative stress
  • Hormonal disruptions
  • Adrenal Status
  • Lyme load
  • Parasite load
  • pH balance
  • Sleep disorders
  • Thyroid problems
  • pancreatic (pancreas) insufficiency
  • Vaccination tax
  • bacterial load
  • viral load
  • toxic load
  • Vitamin panel (including B12 status)
  • Mineral panel
  • Trace elements
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