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7 Days Detox

With this detox, you cleanse the body of waste products and toxins. The result: more energy, better digestion, clearer skin en more!
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Benefits 7 Days Detox

Do you need a reset after the holidays? Would you like to see this reflected in more energy, a better night’s sleep, losing weight, better digestion, a reset of your hormones, radiant skin or simply feeling better? Then our 7 Days Detox with the products of Equi Life is for you. With this detox, you cleanse the body of waste products and toxins. This detox consists of: √ Equi life products: 1x Protein, 1x FM detox supplements & 1x AYU detox supplements. Equi-life products are carefully put together to contain all phase 1 and phase 2 nutrients at the right dosage in only just 3 supplements and made very simple to use and complete the detox. √ Weekly Zoom sessions: with tips & tricks about the detox, nutritional advice, recipes, and much more!

Why should I Detox?


The liver and kidneys play a key role in detoxifying your body. These two organs carry out the natural detoxification in your body. However, our modern lifestyle demands a lot from the liver. Every day we are exposed to more than 77,000 toxins. For example, pesticides in fruit and vegetables, the air we breathe, the radiation we receive via electronic devices, and via chemicals in cosmetics and facial cleansing products. Stress and negative emotions are also considered our toxic enemies as well. A body that is not in balance, suffers from inflammation more often and gets sick more quickly. Remember, if you don’t take care of your body will not take care of you!

Bring your body back into balance with these 7 Days Detox and relieve complaints, imbalances, and stress!

Questions about the detox?

Do you have a question about the 7 Days Detox of Voeding maakt je beter? Please contact Stephanie Haesen via

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